Aquatic Gardens

  • Designed by: Mark Adriano
    Located in Cherry Hill, N.J.

    A small unused area was transformed with the addition of this pond. The latest in pond filtration equipment was installed to maintain a beautiful pond with minimal effort. The design incorporated a massive stone bridge dividing the pond into two intriguingly unique areas.
  • Designed by: H. Gamble
    Located in Moorestown, N.J.

    The design for this pond began with the idea to create a formal pond for this beautiful sculpture. This idea was modified to include a more natural pond and waterfall as well. The result is this stunning combination!
  • Designed by: Mark Adriano
    Located in Voorhees, N.J.

    Pond design utilizing various stone sizes to achieve a natural appearance. A double waterfall was divided by a stone bridge to create a very unique and interesting effect. Exotic water plants such as lotus were added to further enhance the design.